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GHStudio provide creative services including the design and implementation of web-sites, business cards, flyers and other publications at affordable prices.

GHStudio was devised as a sub division of GHS Computers, created to maintain and manage web-sites originally created by GHS Computers and separating the business entities.

GHStudio consists of two people, namely computer engineer, Graham Holloway and Graphic Designer, Dean Markham, combining there abilities to offer a friendly and popular choice for custom web-sites and publications.

Who Are GHS Computers?

GHS Computers are a computer provision and repair company ran by sole trader Graham Holloway, the company offers:

By request of existing customers GHS Computers began creating and maintaining web-sites which has now entered its own as GHStudio.

Future Prospects for GHStudio

With a keen interest in all aspects of computers, web-design and game design, GHStudio will continue to offer its existing services but may soon be presenting a showcase of PC and Web Based Games.

If you have any questions please contact us: